Once I have mapped my suppliers, how do I assess their modern slavery risks? What questions do I need to ask my suppliers as part of this assessment process?

FAQs 2020-06-08

The Modern Slavery Act does not prescribe specific questions that companies should ask their suppliers. However, there are six broad categories of questions that your company should ask its suppliers because the answers to these questions are critical in helping your company to understand the risks presented by its suppliers. These six categories focus on the following key areas:

  1. Status check on prior or current modern slavery issues;
  2. Outline of geography and industry-based risk exposure;
  3. Understanding of employment practices and conditions;
  4. Standing up governance and audit programs;
  5. Maintenance of grievance and redress mechanisms; and
  6. Identification and remediation of modern slavery risk in their supply chains.

CENTRL offers an out-of-the box questionnaire to be completed by your suppliers to help you assess the modern slavery risks in you supply chains. You can also modify the questionnaire based on your specific needs.

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