I have several hundred suppliers that I will need to assess within the next few months. How can I complete this task in time without adding additional employees?

FAQs 2020-06-12

Australia’s Modern Slavery Act does not mandate the process that companies must use to assess and address modern slavery risks in their operations and supply chains. A manual process can be slow, cumbersome, and difficult to translate into actionable results and management reporting. Due to the annual reporting requirements, compliance using automated tools will help companies compile the information they need to act on and draft their annual modern slavery statements. With the right questionnaire design, scoring framework, and support platform, you can conduct your internal and external assessments in a matter of weeks. The goal of an automated platform is to rapidly and accurately classify your suppliers into risk categories and identify the key issues that need to be addressed. This allows you to have a single repository of information to help you draft your annual modern slavery statement and to embed continuous improvement year over year into your program and reporting.

CENTRL is committed to the vision of providing the automation and flexibility you need to conduct these assessments quickly, accurately, and at scale.

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