I am looking for a complete solution to managing our modern slavery risk. Is MSA360 a software tool only or does it offer more?

FAQs 2019-05-30

MSA360 is a one-stop solution to help you manage your compliance with all aspects of the Modern Slavery act.

  1. First, it provides end-to-end automation for your vendor and internal assessment process. This will enable you to execute your assessments rapidly and at scale which would be a nightmare to do manually or with less automated tools. MSA360 comes with out-of-the-box questionnaires, scoring frameworks and reports. It also offers an Issue management module to help you manage the identified risk issues over time.
  2. Second, MSA360 provides templates for your policy and governance needs including a step-by-step guide to building your compliance program. We are also building training videos that you can send to your vendors as required by the law.
  3. Third, we work with partners who provide managed services on an outsourced basis using the MSA360 platform. Please contact us should this be of interest.
  4. Finally, our goal is to keep you updated with any changes to the legislation or other requirements. We will provide such updates in the platform on an on-going basis.

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