How do I score the responses to a modern slavery questionnaire? How do I identify high risk versus low risk suppliers?

FAQs 2020-06-10

The Australia Modern Slavery Act does not require companies to certify that their operations and supply chains are slave-free. The scoring framework is, however, a very important element of your overall modern slavery risk assessment process. A practical way to organize your scoring framework is to divide your questions into three categories – trigger questions, high risk questions, and other questions – and assign different weights to each category. Trigger questions should essentially act as “circuit breakers” in that an unfavorable response to any one of these questions should immediately classify the supplier as high risk. For example, if the supplier reports that it is currently under investigation by the Australian government for the use of forced labor in its business operations, the supplier should be graded as a high-risk supplier. High risk questions should be assigned a higher weight than other questions. However, unfavorable responses to other questions can also prove to be problematic. Your risk rating process should recognize that multiple unfavorable responses to other questions can also result in a high-risk classification.

CENTRL offers a default scoring framework built into its questionnaires that is optimized to provide you with risk ratings that allow you to see deeper into the modern slavery risks at each of your suppliers.

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