Frequently Asked Questions - CENTRL's MSA360

The go-to place for how CENTRL's MSA360 helps you comply with the MSA legislation FAQs

What type of users is the MSA360 platform designed for?

The platform is highly intuitive and easy-to-use. Our typical users include professionals from procurement, compliance, sustainability and vendor risk, among others.
I am looking for a complete solution to managing our modern slavery risk. Is MSA360 a software tool only or does it offer more?

MSA360 is a one-stop solution to help you manage your compliance with all aspects of the Modern Slavery act.

  1. First, it provides end-to-end automation for your vendor and internal assessment process. This will enable you to execute your assessments rapidly and at scale which would be a nightmare to do manually or with less automated tools. MSA360 comes with out-of-the-box questionnaires, scoring frameworks and reports. It also offers an issue management module to help you manage the identified risk issues over time.
  2. Second, MSA360 provides templates for your policy and governance needs including a step-by-step guide to building your compliance program. We are also building training videos that you can send to your vendors as required by the law.
  3. Third, we work with partners who provide managed services on an outsourced basis using the MSA360 platform. Please contact us should this be of interest.
  4. Finally, our goal is to keep you updated with any changes to the legislation or other requirements.

We will provide such updates in the platform on an on-going basis.

What is included in your out-of-the-box platform?

CENTRL’s MSA360 platform is a one-stop solution for companies to assess Modern Slavery risk among their suppliers and in their internal operations. The platform comes pre-populated with the following items:

• Policy Templates. Examples include governance and policy documents and MS checklists

• Standard questionnaire templates and default risk scoring framework

• Standard reporting dashboards with operational and risk KPIs

• Reporting templates for internal and external reporting including for ABF

All pre-populated items can be used as they are – or modified to suit your needs.

Are Modern Slavery questions included in MSA360?

Yes, a full set of supplier and supply chain related questions created by CENTRL experts are available in the platform. We provide questionnaire templates for high and medium risk vendors as well as one for low risk vendors.
Can I add my own questions or edit the ones in the platform?

Yes, you can edit the out-of-the-box questionnaire to fit your needs. You can add/modify/delete sections, questions and answer types using the questionnaire editor available in the platform.
Can we import our existing supplier data into your tool or do we need to start from scratch?

Yes, you can bulk import your current supplier data very easily into the tool using templates that are available in the platform. Our Client Service team can help if needed. We also provide a full set of APIs and pre-built connectors to major systems to import data directly from your systems.
What is your source of credibility?

We have an internal Regulatory and Risk Management team which has expertise in the modern slavery legislation. Some of them have been certified in ACAMS’ Modern Slavery Compliance programs. Additionally, we work with leading law firms in Australia who are specialized in Australia’s Modern Slavery legislation.
Is your risk scoring aligned with the requirements of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act?

Yes. Our risk scoring is aligned with Australia’s Modern Slavery Act. Broadly speaking, our scoring methodology is built around differential weights for different categories of questions including trigger, high risk and medium/low risk questions. In developing this framework, we have drawn upon research from various reputable sources including the UN and the Global Slavery Index. As with everything else, users can use CENTRL’s scoring framework as it is or modify it to fit their needs. If you would like to see an overview of our scoring methodology, please email us at or fill out our Contact Us form and someone will be in touch.
How quickly can I get up and running with your platform?

MSA360 is fully configured out-of-the-box solution. Hence, you can be up and running in as little as a week.
I have 100,000 suppliers. Can your platform handle that?

MSA360 is designed for scale. The workflow automation, pre-configured templates and analytics are designed to automate assessments of thousands of vendors. The platform is highly flexible and can be used just as easily for a 1000 as for 100,000 vendors. MSA360 is purpose built for Modern Slavery and its sole focus is to deliver the highest level of automation and thus enable companies to execute their MS program rapidly and at scale with minimal investment in additional staff. The platform is empowering the risk, procurement and compliance teams at our clients to focus more on the risk insights and remediation plans instead of getting bogged down in process execution.
How does CENTRL ensure the safety and protection of our data?

CENTRL follows the most stringent security and risk measures to provide world-class protection for customer data. CENTRL’s data center is hosted with AWS in Australia. CENTRL is SOC 2 compliant and some of the world’s largest companies trust CENTRL for providing risk and compliance services.
Can I use MSA360 to do other types of assessments such as for ESG compliance?

Yes, you can conduct other types of assessments such as ESG assessments in the CENTRL platform. We provide questionnaire templates for other types of assessments which can be added to your instance upon request. Additionally, users can upload their own templates, configure their risk scores and automate other types of assessments very easily in the platform. Our client support team can help to get you started if needed.
Can I also use MSA360 for full third-party risk management?

CENTRL offers a full suite of third-party risk management products in addition to MSA360. Users who start with MSA360 can easily upgrade to our Vendor360 product which is a comprehensive platform for managing the full life cycle of third-party risk – from vendor on-boarding to inherent risk assessments, vendor self-assessments, on-site audits and issue management. For details, please visit: