Modern Slavery Act Presentation and Training Template for Boards & Directors

Utilize this training and presentation template to properly brief boardrooms on how to implement an effective Modern Slavery Act (MSA) program.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Equipping Boards to Effectively Address Australia’s Modern Slavery Act

Watch this webinar to understand how to properly engage boardrooms for MSA compliance and streamline the approval process with executive management.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Past, Present and Future of MSA Compliance: Business’ Journeys and Key Learnings from Practitioners

Learn from MSA experts as they facilitate an open discussion centred around MSA compliance, the evolution of statements, their approaches, and ESG strategies overall.

GUIDE: Modern Slavery Red Flags: Recognizing the Signs of Modern Slavery Practices in Your Workplace and Your Suppliers' Workplaces

Download this guide to learn how to identify modern slavery red flags throughout the enterprise and understand what modern slavery means in the 21st century.

EBOOK: Best Practices for Year Two and Lessons Learned from Year One Statements

This MSA Compliance flipbook analyzes key takeaways from the first set of MSA statements now available on the ABF's Online Registrar and how different trends relate to the next upcoming reporting deadline.

PODCAST: Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking - Due Diligence and Disclosure

In this podcast, learn from experts about corporate benchmarks and standards on modern slavery as applies to the financial sector.

Modern Slavery Act Compliance in 30 Days - Program Brochure

Achieve compliance with MSA in 30 Days. Take advantage of the managed service option to run your Modern Slavery supplier assessment program on an outsourced basis.

Modern Slavery Act Compliance Checklist

Quickly understand, get started and tackle the steps needed for Modern Slavery Act compliance with our checklist.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Australian Border Force Team on MSA Reporting & Continuous Improvement Expectations

Hear from the Australian Border Force team on Modern Slavery Act reporting this year, as well as expectations for "continuous improvement" in your company's MSA statement next year.

Modern Slavery Act Compliance Brochure

CENTRL's MSA 360 is a purpose-built fully automated tool for companies to efficiently assess the risks presented by their suppliers on a recurring basis.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Lessons Learned from Statements Submitted to the ABF's Online Register

Tips and take-aways from analyzing the Good and the Bad in the first batch of 250+ Statements submitted to the Australian Border Force's Online Register.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Operationalizing and Automating the Key Requirements under Australia's Modern Slavery Act (MSA)

Webinar on demand where you will learn the blueprint and foundations for building an MSA compliance program, how to quickly operationalize and automate it.

Step-by-Step Guidance for Australia's Modern Slavery Act

This guide provides information for companies required to submit an annual MSA Statement to the online register maintained by the Australian government.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Navigating the Key Issues and Compliance Requirements under Australia's Modern Slavery Act (MSA)

Webinar on demand to help you and your company quickly understand what it is, what's needed, and how to ensure your company is in compliance.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Keys to Evaluating Your Supplier Risks under Australia's Modern Slavery Act

Webinar on demand to ensure your company will be in compliance with MSA. Learn how to build a sustainable foundation to identify risks in supply chain tiers.

MSA360 - Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform Solution Overview

Learn about MSA360 - Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform and gain visibility into risks with our best-in-industry questionnaire. View or download PDF.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - What to do with high risk suppliers to comply with the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) - An MSA Case Study

Walkthrough of a case study of how a company assessed and addressed its suppliers for modern slavery risks through the use of risk assessment questionnaires.

MSA360 - Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform - Explainer Video

Learn more about CENTRL’s Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform. A one-stop solution for complying with the Modern Slavery Act.

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