Three Key Things to Know About Germany’s New Supply Chain Due Diligence Law

Learn about the Germany's New Supply Chain Due Diligence Law and how to ensure your company can timely implement these new ongoing due diligence and reporting obligations.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Transcript - Australian Border Force Team on MSA Reporting & Continuous Improvement Expectations

Hear from the Australian Border Force team on Modern Slavery Act reporting this year, as well as expectations for "continuous improvement" in your company's MSA statement next year.

Key Modern Slavery Act Statement Submission Deadlines to Remember in 2021

Back to Normal for Companies Subject to Australia’s Modern Slavery Act. Know the key obligation and important dates for MSA compliance.

Live Q&A with the Australian Border Force

Learn from the experts from the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Branch of the Australian Border Force (ABF) as they answer frequently asked questions about MSA.

Great Resources for the Financial Services Industry to Identify and Address Modern Slavery

Learn how you can identify and address the issue of modern slavery in your company’s practices.

Ask CENTRL: What 3 Questions Should Directors Ask Their Management Team Before Approving the Company’s Modern Slavery Act (Australia) Statement?

Find out the three key questions directors should ask their management team before approving Company's Australian Modern Slavery Act Statement.

Drafting Tips for Crafting a Good Modern Slavery Act Statement

Australian Border Force Identifies Six Good Practice Trends in First Tranche of Modern Slavery Statements. The ABF has published the first tranche of modern slavery statements submitted under the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

The Indelible Power of Your Company’s Modern Slavery Policy

As we move into a new year, it is a good time to resolve to review your company’s existing modern slavery policy to ensure it includes the three basic building blocks, or use them to help you craft a new and meaningful policy if you do not yet have one.

First Batch of Modern Slavery Statements Posted at Australia’s Online Register

Lessons Learned from First Batch of Statements. It is clear that some reporting entities have had robust modern slavery programs in place, while others either missed the mark entirely or have a long way to go in build their programs.

Ask CENTRL: What Should Investment Companies Do to Comply with Australia’s Modern Slavery Act?

Many investors and investment companies have adopted Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) programs to measure and ensure the sustainability.

Eight Great Free Resources to Help Your Business Combat Modern Slavery: Courtesy of the Minderoo Foundation

There are 600 or more active investigations into modern slavery around the world. This guide will give you useful information about Modern Slavery and how to combat it.

Modern Slavery Act Supply Chain Compliance - 3 Tips for Working with Your Suppliers to Operationalize Australia's Modern Slavery Act

Moving from Good Cause to Great Program for Modern Slavery Act Supply Chain Compliance. Learn how to work effectively with your suppliers to operationalize MSA.

Modern Slavery Act Guidance - Reporting Deadlines Under Australia's Modern Slavery Act Extended Due to Pandemic

First Reporting Deadline for Calendar Year Companies Moved from June 30 to September 30, 2020.

Modern Slavery Due Diligence: Annual Reporting Requirements for Modern Slavery Act Compliance

Find out the annual reporting requirements for Modern Slavery Act Compliance. CENTRL helps businesses in Australia by providing a one-stop solution for Modern Slavery Act Compliance.

Modern Slavery Statistics & Best Practices for Compliance

Implementation of best practices, including thorough staff training, will help to control risks and maintain a powerful stance against modern slavery.

What is Australia's Modern Slavery Act and How To Comply?

In 2018, the Australian government enacted a new law, the Modern Slavery Act, to require companies to do more to assess and address the modern slavery risks in their business operations and supply chains.

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